SelectImmune Pharma AB was founded in 2017

Rather than killing bacteria directly with antibiotics, we develop new ways of equipping the host immune system to fight off the infections. Specifically, our innovations concern infectious disease and chronic inflammation, where we hope to make a significant impact on disease and health management.

  • The company’s drug candidates act by strengthening the innate immune system.
  • Our research drives drug development by deciphering the mechanisms that determine “evil versus good” inflammation
  • Our drug candidates are endogenous inflammatory agents or new bacterial molecules that inhibit the immune system
  • The research has been published in leading international journals, and 150-200 MSEK has funded research, so far.

Our Vision

We are committed to exploring new medical innovations and solutions for the treatment of acute and chronic infections and their sequels.

Our Mission

We develop newly discovered therapeutics with proven effects in animal models, into pharmaceuticals that improve human health.