Catharina Svanborg

Chairman of the board

Professor of Clinical Immunology and Chief Physician at Lund University. Member of the Royal Academy of Sciences (1997). Recipients of national and international awards. Founder and chairman of the noted cancer company HAMLET Pharma.

Helena Lomberg

Board member

Helena Lomberg, PhD, has been a Senior Advisor for BCT Consulting since 2008.  She works as an advisor to biotech companies providing consultant services specializing in Clinical Research. She received her PhD in Clinical Immunology at the University of Gothenburg in 1986 and joined the pharmaceutical industry in 1989. She has specialized in the development of pharmaceuticals and medical products with a focus on clinical trials. She has over 20 years of experience in senior management positions in international companies such as GlaxoWelcome, Bayer, NMCT, and Quintiles. Helena is the author of “Guide to the Implementation of the Clinical Trials” and educates in this area. She has been a board member of the Swedish  Pharmaceutical Society for Clinical Trials from 1997 to 2009 and was its chairman from 2006 to 2009. Helena Lomberg is also a board member of Hamlet Pharma AB.

Carl-Johan Wachtmeister

Board member

Bachelor of Art – Economics and Political science from University of Lund. PR and communication consultant with more than 30 years experience as advisor within strategic communication. Senior Vice President Corporate Communications for the pharmaceutical groups Kabi and Kabi Pharmacia, Vice President Procordia Eurocentre in Brussels and Senior Vice President Corporate Communications for Atlas Copco including responsibility for Investor Relations together with the CFO. Carl-Johan has been strategic advisor for a considerable number of listed companies.

Gabriela Godaly

Board member

Associate Professor in Microbiology at Lund University, Godaly has >20 years’ experience in the field of infection and intensive care medicine. She has a background with clinical trials on life-supporting drug candidates for critically ill patients through her six years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry with focus on clinical trials at Gambro Lundia AB. Beginning with research on innate defences, vaccine and diagnostic studies, she is now working on alternative treatment for tuberculosis.


Ann Gidner

Chief Executive Officer, CEO

Ann Gidner has successfully built Life Science organizations with an approach characterized by great commitment and focus on growth. Master of Science in Biotechnology and MBA. Previous positions include interim CEO of AcuCort AB, Head of Clinical Trials business area at Inceptua GmbH in Berlin, Licensing Director at Albumedix A/S (Novozymes Biopharma) in Copenhagen and CEO of pharmaceutical strategy company Monocl AB. Prior experience of global, commercial responsibility in international CMO (Contract Manufacturing Organization) groups. These include Cambrex Corporation in Sweden and New Jersey, USA, as well as Saltigo GmbH in Leverkusen, Germany. Ann Gidner also has board assignments and experience of listing on Nasdaq First North through the company SenzaGen AB.

Jan Zetterberg

Legal Counsel

Bachelor of Laws. During 1983-2011, he held a number of senior positions within the AstraZeneca legal department, including Vice President, Strategy, Intellectual Property, Assistant General Counsel and as Head of Group Branding. Possesses over 35 years of experience in negotiation, agreements on technology transfer and licenses, commercialization of products, patent strategies, company and project transactions, due diligence and intellectual property rights. Since 2012, he has its own legal consultancy firm focusing on life science.


Ines Ambite

R&D coordinator

Has a master’s degree in Bioengineering from the University of Toulouse, France and is a senior PhD student in Biomedicine. Her research focuses on understanding molecular mechanisms of infection and to develop novel therapeutic targets, preventive strategies and biomarkers markers of susceptibility.

Daniel Butler

Translational Research coordinator

Received his master’s degree in biomedicine from Lund University and is a senior PhD student. He is currently a senior PhD student focusing on molecular characterization of acute cystitis and novel treatment approaches to urinary tract infections.

Therese Rosenblad

Paediatric nephrologist

Works at the Department of Paediatrics, Skåne University Hospital and is PhD student at Lund University. She is coordinating a multicentre study of febrile infections in infants and young children, which will generate biomarkers for infectious disease susceptibility. The study addresses clinical and molecular genetic susceptibility factors in infants with urinary tract infections and kidney damage.